Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Treetop Wedding Sneak Peek

Ok, alright, its been pretty dull on these here pages recently, but hey, we’re back! A happily married couple! I say happy, we had a minor glitch when the other half decided to test our wedding vows on day 6 of wedded bliss by losing his wedding ring on honeymoon. After a few polite words and a gentle clip round the ear, we think we did pretty well and despite initial reservations, we are still happily married. We did manage to purchase emergency back-up rings to make us feel better, however they made our fingers an unusual shade of green, so we’ll just wait for the reordered ones to turn up.

Apologies though as this little corner of blogland is about to go a bit wedding, but wait, the good news is our homemade wedding (and yes, I mean pretty much EVERYTHING was homemade) just gave us an excuse to make some beautiful stuff that we can keep for years to come (and dish out as Christmas presents too – olive oil and balsamic vinegar anyone? Fourteen tables is a lot of olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles. Starting up a fish and chip shop? Email me). So we will hopefully inspire a few of you to either make your own wedding day perfectly personalised with a little elbow grease or simply create something for your lovely homes such as some comfy beanbag squares or unusual signage.

So here is a sneak pee of our big day, hands down the most awesome day ever. It’s so cliché but why wouldn’t it be? Being surrounded by all your favourite people, with love and laughter reaching ridiculous highs everywhere you look. Plus your best friend in the world standing by your side, looking as sexy as anything, clumsily fumbling with the ring on the wrong finger to giggles all around. Awesome. Simply awesome. I will be posting more pictures soon, as well as a few wedding DIYs. And for anybody out there wondering whether to embark on a homemade wedding – just do it, all the little details made the day so much more special. The hard graft is definitely worth it in the end. And surprisingly, all our many crafting helpers agreed! Although they were all plied with an alcoholic beverage or two. Or three. Hey, it’s a wedding!

Photos courtesy of Tim Stubbings Photography - a legend in his own lifetime.

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