Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mini Adventure in the Caravan

You remember our caravan revamp? Well, she is still doing us proud and continues to be our preferred method of holidaying. What's not to love? A mini home in a box that you can tow and park up anywhere. Caravanning is not just for the old fogies, rest assured. Although we are usually the youngest on site letting the side down with our pimped out caravan painted in gun metal grey. Occasionally we get a disapproving look, but not often enough to put us off. Those who give the disapproving looks generally have a TV and cable rigged up. What's the point? You might as well stay at home and watch TV.

This particular adventure had us trekking to the New Forest and parking up in the middle of remote woodland. Our view from our door was forest. In fact, the views all around were forest. On our first night, with a glass of wine in hand, we witnessed a herd of deer just walk right past our camp! It was sunny the whole week and we took a few creature comforts to make our little woodland spot feel like home, bunting hardly compares to a TV right? We had bbqs galore and ate outside every single day. It was bliss!


If you recall, we bought this aluminium box for a couple of hundred pounds and promptly redecorated, moving away from the brown interior and exterior. And now the old gal is positively part of the family. Ready for a new adventure looming... this time not only with the rabbit but the kitten in tow. Its going to be mental.






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