Thursday, 22 August 2013

Crafty DIY : Simple Party Decorations

For the hen party recently, I only found out only a few days beforehand that I could decorate our dinner venue. The venue was stunning anyway, but of course I wanted to decorate! Crikey. What could I do in just a few days with a couple of hours spare? I came up with a cunning plan. I rummaged in my craft boxes and found some tissue paper left over from the wedding prep, a bunch of glass bottles and some spare luggage labels.

First things first. I made some simple tissue paper flowers. You will need 6 squares of tissue paper per flower, roughly 10-15cm squared. Concertina your squares and secure in the middle with string or wool. Next, fan your layers out on each side until it resembles a flower. My good friend Lou helped me attach them to tight rows of thread with sandwich bag ties, the finer the thread, the more they look like they are floating.


Next up was the glass bottles...too easy. I raided the garden for some tall flowers and added these in a little water. There had been a wedding the night before so we were lucky enough to have their flower hand-me-downs on the tables too. To do these yourself, always keep a little oasis on hand and you can use any dish or bowl and then raid your garden again.

I then wrapped little gifts for each guest and hand printed their name onto the luggage labels and tied them around each package. In total, it didn't take very long, but it made such an impact. And I know that the other half will groan when he reads this little bit of advice, but never throw anything away as it will always come in handy. Just don't let it get out of control. The night you have to swim through recycling in order to get to your bed, you've gone too far. Rein it in you hobo.


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