Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Crafty DIY : Cosy Garden Firepit Nook

When getting things for the wedding, we only bought or made things that we knew we would use afterwards, so the weekend after our honeymoon we made ourselves a cosy area in our garden for a firepit along with items from our big day. We had a couple of benches which were put to good use each side of our old metal firepit. We added a screen of potted plants for a little privacy from the front gate. Obviously I added some fairy lights at the back, I couldn't help myself.

We used the topiary trees and homemade crate tables from the wedding along with all the many lanterns leftover. We used the shepherd crooks which originally lined the aisle and put a couple of the cemented bunting posts to good use along with the legendary bunting itself - made from old curtains. The two beautiful Salix trees were wedding gifts from a neighbour and the old keg was salvaged by my folks in France - perfect for a bar table. And within half an hour, a boring patch of the garden was transformed into a cosy spot for entertaining or just chilling out in front of a lovely log fire.




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