Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Not Long Now...!!!

Not long now until our biggest party EVER - the wedding! Cor, it's really coming round quickly, I'll be an old ball and chain before you know it. Being a homemade wedding (of course) we've been spending every spare minute sawing, painting, concreting, drilling and sewing. We've been lucky enough to have lots of friends and family wanting to get involved too and so we've had many a craft night at our place. And for the unlucky, more dedicated few, there have been craft days/weekends (sneak preview below). Thanks to everyone who has baked, folded, glued and cut and we CANNOT wait to see all the folks we love and adore in one place on one day. Exciting :)



Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Garden Bar Gets Spruced Up

Its that time of year again when we tidy up our gardens and fall back in love with our outdoor spaces. Sadly, we neglected the decking area around our garden shed bar before the winter hit (turns out value treated decking only resists weather for about a month) so we were worried that all our hard work had been spoiled by the thick green algae and stains that had formed over the depths of winter. Step in this mighty product and with a bit of hard scrubbing the decking came back to life (like amazingly new looking - can highly recommend), ready for a lick of decking stain. We plumped with grey to complete our swanky wine bar look.

So now the famed Le Bar Jardin is open once again for business. We're just waiting for my folks to return from France. As our main stockist, we rely on them for our source of happiness in the form of wine. You can read here about how we created a bar in our back garden from a rather smart shed. Everybody should have their own bar in the garden, what a welcome sight at the end of a long hard day at work. Cheers to that!



Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Crikey! We have an Allotment!

Ok, alright. We are fully aware that a caravan, a model railway and now an allotment, firmly puts us in the middle aged bracket. But come on, what's not to love? Maturity rocks! Imagine BBQing you own corn on the cobs. And picking your own raspberries for pudding. Fresh lettuce every day. Cut flowers every week. Cherry tomatoes coming out of your ears. Yep, that's a bath tub in the photo. Concentrate please.

Unfortunately, the other half's reaction to the news that we were firstly top of the waiting list and then subsequently picking up an allotment 2 weeks later, is not clean enough to type here, but he has a point what with working full time with a wedding to organise for this summer. I think I'm winning him round by assuring him it won't be toooooo much hard work and only growing easy fruit and veg (think fruit bushes and runner beans) and by throwing in some parsnips to keep him happy. Despite his grumbling he is good fun and we've planned BBQs each evening we work down there. Now the race is on to get everything in the ground. Just need to buy a fork first. And a hoe. D'oh.