Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cut Flowers Inspiration

Blogs are awesome for inspiration, but it's still a treat to open a book and explore the contents as delight after delight is teasingly revealed after each turn of the page. Recently I have tapped up the library for a selection of flower arranging books (I know - anyone would think I'm middle aged, wait a minute, I've been crafting since I was a kid so I may have been middle aged for a good 20 years already). With the wedding looming (crikey, only 3 months to go!), these images really made me want to spend the whole budget on flowers. I thought I would share my favourites here with you - the books are beautifully laid out with fun step-by-steps, a worthy investment if you cannot find them at your local library. Images are taken from the very talented:

  • Vic Brotherson - Vintage Flowers
  • Paula Pryke - Flowers Every Day
  • Jane Packer - Flower Course








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