Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crafty DIY : Homemade Gift Idea

Today, I confess, this is not my idea or indeed my DIY, but a friends. When Rosemary and her husband recently turned up for dinner at ours, they presented us with a lovely bag of goodies, not from Hotel Chocolat, actually more exciting as inside were a selection of homemade goodies to eat. I am sharing this with you today as the thought and presentation was so lovely that I felt the idea was well worth sharing.

To impress your friends and family at the next dinner date, wrap some homemade chocolates (use a chocolate mould or perhaps try a variation of these Rocky Chunks) in a clear cellophane bag and simply tie with a little ribbon. In addition, you could always make your favourite baked goods and wrap them in doilies and keep them airtight tucked inside a plastic tupperware container, like the sort you may save from those exciting take aways. It was so lovely to receive such a treat that I'm now thinking up what we could make as gifts for others. Perhaps some of these Chocolate Crater Cakes or some marshmallow hearts or healthy nutty truffles. So sweet, thanks Rosemary!

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