Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crafty DIY : Creating a Cosy Space

During the conversion of the garage, I was fortunate enough to negotiate a slither of space at the back to call my own, lovingly referred to as my 'small, redundant area'. Previously, it had been loaded with boxes ready for crafting, books longing for shelves and I'm ashamed to admit, the odd grubby box of gardening stuff which had yet to find a home.

It was not exactly inviting to work out here, even though we had made a purpose built desk. If only I had remembered to take 'before' photos, but you get the picture. I'm sure everyone has a dumping ground in their home? One morning, with a spurt of energy, I decided enough was enough and I bagged up anything not being used and crammed it into the attic. Ok, I see what you're saying, now I will only have to clear that out eventually, but hey, out of sight, out of mind.

My point is, that regardless of how small a space you have, you can always cosy it up. This very small space in our garage, only accessible through a half sized doorway, has now become a pretty cosy crafting/writing den, although we're still fond of the title small redundant area. Whether you have a corner in your house, a nook under your stairs, a shed for one solitary spade or an attic going to waste, it's amazing what you can do to create another (albeit twee) living area. The best bit about this space? As usual, it cost nothing. Look around your house for bits and pieces that have been forgotten, are getting dusty or aren't used and give them a new purpose. Check out your attic for forgotten finds such as old frames, paintings, baskets, rugs and lamps.

For this cosy den, I rehomed the old Ikea chair from the spare room which was only used for putting luggage on. I found the lamps, footstool, cushions and framed photos stored in the attic from the move. The containers I collected from around the house. The mirror was salvaged from the garden. The fairy lights balls were hidden away in a corner. The baskets were unearthed from the mountains of crafting supplies and the rug dots? Well, have you stored any old carpet offcuts over the years? Now's the time to dig those bad boys out and cut out your chosen shapes. When I get a few spare minutes, I'll finish the edges with wool to tidy them up, but this is a very easy way to add a little fun to a small space.

You could always add a portable DVD player, some books, an old speaker system, a kettle and some teabags, a blanket, some plants, an old sheet for a tippee, a toy box, comfy beanbags, a deck of cards, a secret chocolate stash, cheery bunting, a mini fridge stocked with wine. Wine...


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