Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Recipe : Mini Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love small food? I recently found out a relative was once invited to a wedding where all the food was miniature – what a brilliant idea. I bet the guests felt like giants all day! So let’s talk about cupcakes. Again. They are pretty darn awesome, let’s be honest. But since I am trying to find ways of having treats without the guilt, I thought I might make some mini cupcakes. Having purchased some mini cases from Amazon, I simply halved my usual cupcake recipe and this seemed to make about 18 of the little rascals. And it didn’t feel naughty eating one. And… I managed to stick to just one. Shocker. For that day anyway.

You won't need a mini muffin tray especially as my faithful old standard size muffin tray did the job. If making these for a party and they require travelling, it’s worth investing in a cardboard carrier. I salvaged one from work a while back and these beauties arrived looking perfect. Alternatively, I have used an old cereal box, folded it to fit a basket and then cut some holes in it. This works well for larger cupcakes, just make sure for mini cupcakes, the holes take up quite a bit of the cake so there’s not much room for a shaking around. For the butter cream, I simply used 150g butter, 300g icing sugar and 1tsp vanilla extract - you can cut a corner from a freezer bag and use that to pipe buttercream if you don't have a kit, although you can usually find them in the pound stores.


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