Thursday, 21 March 2013

Crafty DIY : Wire Photo Wall

Ok, ignore the textured wallpaper again. No, we still haven't faced tearing it off yet. Yes, it will probably stay there forever. No, we're not an elderly couple who bought the house in the 60's. Yes, we have become lazy. But the last time we steamed off wallpaper, we found 6 new layers underneath  (disheartening) and my thumbs stuck together. However the new photo wall does improve the corridor quite a great deal. What with all those cheery/ridiculous  faces beaming out and spectacular memories making us smile so often as we walk by.

This project was super easy (as always). You will need some rigger gloves to do this, unless you're hardcore like me and don't mind the wire pinging back on your fingers and vastly decreasing your chances of typing again. Only kidding. It wasn't that bad. I'm still blogging right? So, anyhoo...I made this photowall between two doorways and used the door frames to screw into. If you don't have that luxury, simply secure two wood batons to your wall. I screwed in three eyelet screws and attached the wire (medium garden wire works well) by rotating it back on itself so that it could not come loose.

Down the other end of the corridor, I attached three more eyelet screws at the same heights, but not completely screwed in. I then attached the wire as tight as I could by hand at this end in the same way. But the wire is better for use in this instance when it is completely taught. So to make your photowall wire nice and tight, grab your pliers and fix the eyelet screws in completely which will increase the tension in the wire as you turn. Be careful not to turn too much so that it snaps and pings back at you (not that this happened to me, noooo).

We printed some of our favourite photos in black and white. Actually I had them printed when you could get 100 prints for 99p through Truprint - bargain. I ordered some tiny little wooden pegs from ebay and fixed the photos to the wire. I love that we can continually refresh these pictures as and when we fancy. Or as and when Truprint have their magic offer on again.

Here is a closer shot of the eyelet screw. Oh and a snapshot of one of our beloved friends Poon. He's super fun to wind up  have around. Don't worry no Poons were hurt during this photo shoot. I just realised this post may appear on some dodgy listings somewhere on the darker side of the web what with keywords like screw, wood, hardcore. Sorry Poon, you could become very popular in the near future. Who knew an innocent photowall could be so dirty?

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