Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Crafty DIY : Tray Table

Always happy to rummage, I found this old wooden tray discarded at my folks place last year, ready for the bonfire. As the other half groaned as I stuffed it into a gap in an already bursting boot, I was coming up with creative ways to reenergise this unwanted treasure, but it made its way into storage and was forgotten about. Until recently when I found a couple of drawer  handles I picked up in a sale a while back. Lightbulb moment – this could become a much needed tray table in our games room.


So I set to work cleaning off the cobwebs *shivers* and gave it a lick of varnish. Drilled holes for the handles and fixed them in tight. To finish it off, I used a bit of leftover wallpaper to line the base and hide the hole. Turns out the tray is the exact same size as our toy basket kept in the games room for smaller visitors (and larger ones with a destructive streak and feel Jenga is the healthy way to handle it). What a perfect addition to our home and it only cost £1 for the handles, this is most certainly my kind of project - cheap and cheery.


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