Thursday, 28 February 2013

Recipe : Chocolate Crater Cakes (with a gooey middle)

Oh my. We may have created the BEST cupcake EVER. Alright, that sounds a bit arrogant, apologies. But we have become ADDICTED. And the weirdest thing? They're not even cupcakes, they're cookies. But shaped like cupcakes, who's keeping track? So may I introduce to you, under their official title... Gooey Chocolate Cookie Crater Cakes.

It's best to make a round of these for a group as if you make them when home alone, you risk adding a few extra pounds to the scales within a few hours. It's so much wiser to share the calories with your loved ones. The best bit? The soft butter cream surprise in the middle. And if served straight away? The molten chocolate that will inevitably land on your chin.


These were invented late at night with a glass of wine in hand. Looking back I foolishly put the other half in charge of measuring out the ingredients for a basic cookie mix. As I whisked it all up in the bowl I mentioned 'Cor, our pals on the other side of the pond love eating this stuff raw, but I'm not too sure about raw eggs.' His response? 'What eggs?' My point is this (other than to ease up on topping up the other half's glass whilst he needs to concentrate), is that the eggs make little difference to the recipe. And we used soya butter so these could very well be made vegan friendly. Whichever way, they are DELICIOUS!



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