Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Healthy Meal Ideas

Generally, we like to lead quite a healthy lifestyle. We take healthy packed lunches to work (although I'm fairly certain the other half sneaks in a few biscuuits between 9 to 5) and enjoy a nutritious meal each evening with lots fresh veggies, lean meat or fish, pulses and seeds. Since the hospital scare last year, I’m a little nervous to stray to the unhealthy treats too regularly, but inevitably I cave occasionally. Who doesn't? In fact we may have just invented the best cupcake EVER! This weekend is case and point too. Lots of scrummy treats at a fun family buffet (some healthy, some ridiculously naughty) that I awoke the following day with a food hangover. It was completely worth it though.


To hopefully inspire others to introduce a few healthy meals a week, I am keen to post something like this every now and then. I find that planning makes eating well so much more feasible. Friends and family may enjoy taking the Michael, however I find planning ahead for a month means you are more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle and save time and money too. We do a food shop only once a month and top up with fresh veg and fruit half way through.

This last week, we enjoyed (from left, going clockwise) minted quinoa with crispy onions, pan fried salmon steak and green beans in this tasty dressing; bacon and rocket salad with puy lentils, parmesan cheese and four-minute boiled eggs; prosciutto and avocado salad with balsamic drizzle; and a ginger and chilli Asian rice noodles dish with turkey mince, seeds, mange tout and babycorn. Our favourite? Probably the Asian broth as it was a new recipe for us and was super quick too. Post any favourites of your own in the comments below - we're always looking for tasty new dishes.

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