Friday, 7 December 2012

Crisp Winter Sunrise

7.30am on a weekend is always a much more magical time than the ominous 7.30am on a work day. This particular morning I woke up very excited about the weekend ahead of us crammed with fun, festive activities like a Christmas candlelit parade, an outdoor carol concert, a craft fair, mulled wine and ginger cookies, decorating the tree and putting the lights up outside (doesn’t get much better than that). So I grabbed the camera and after wrapping up in seven layers of clothing and adding earmuffs, hat, scarf, gloves and mittens to the mix, I was suitably dressed like the Michelin man and so stepped outside.
The crisp cold air hit my lungs with such impact that I had to draw a deeper breath, but wow, the light outside was a gorgeously mystical pink glow, the frost made a satisfying crunch under my feet and the birds seemed to rejoice at the sight of the sun as much as me. Except I wasn’t singing in a high pitched manner you understand.  It was wonderful just standing there watching the sun very gradually rise above the trees. I can recommend taking a moment every now and then to just be still (mostly unheard of in my world), mainly because it makes that first cup of hot coffee on such a chilly morning so very, very welcome! 


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