Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Crafty DIY : Pinecone Wreath

From when we first met, the other half wooed me by starting up pinecone wars on our romantic country walks. Who can resist a cheeky chappy darting out from behind a tree pelleting you with cones? That naughty little grin won me over every time. And don't worry, although my aim may be a little out, at point blank range I do ok to hold my ground. But pinecones have another use, a more festive use without eye injuries -  the classic Christmas wreath.

For this project I cut a ring out of a cardboard box as our front door is under cover, but if you don't have that luxury, use a wire ring from a florist to avoid a soggy cardboard mess. after immense fun getting the whole family involved in collecting pinecones a few months back, I  let them completely dry out and then spray painted them silver. Next, I attached each one to the cardboard ring with thin wire, embedding the wire into the folds of the cones so that it was mostly hidden. Using a door hanger from the pound shop, we had ourselves a nice little wreath to adorn our door.

Incidentally if you are thinking about starting a pinecone war on your next country walk, whip out the old goggles. Not only does this show your opponent you mean business, the eye injuries vastly reduce too. Bonus.


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