Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crafty DIY : Felt Christmas Star Decorations

Oooooohhh. Christmas is close, are you getting that tingling excitement yet? I did have plans to make Christmas easier on us this year as we’re saving for the wedding and rushing around like festive fruit cakes, but I couldn’t help myself and now I’ve gone and planned an eight course meal for the big day. Ooops.
But, Christmas shouldn’t be easy right? Where’s the fun in putting your feet up? Although that cosy, candlelit pub with the big oak table and roaring log fire and perfectly crisp chardonnay keeps calling our names. As does the snug little tea shop with the scrumptious homemade carrot cake and red spotty tea pots. So I guess we should make some time for relaxing, it’s only polite.
So I’m not making too much this year but this simple decoration took a matter of minutes. The beaded star is made by threading on beads to a thin wire and bending back each time to make the angles of the star and then bending the wire at the end to secure. Next, cut out two stars from the felt, one slightly smaller than the other. Sew them together with a wide length stitch in cotton and remember to sew in the looped ribbon to hang it by. Attach the beaded star with a stitch at each point of the star. Hang on tree.

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