Monday, 5 November 2012

Recipe : Gruesome Meatloaf Hand

Ok, I know Halloween is over, but I had to share this. It was so gross (looking not tasting)! It actually tasted very good. And thanks to NotMartha's many attempts, I was able to put her advice to good use and hit jackpot first time! The meatloaf recipe I adapted from here. This was very easy, simply make the meat mix, mould into hands and slather in ketchup and cheese for the appearance of seared flesh. The result was deliciously disgusting and the perfect meal for Halloween.

Add your favourite herbs and spices to the meaty mix, use onions for nails and the wrist bone for extra gruesome credits. I have seen this lots of places served on a bed of mashed potato, but the salad leaves work equally as well, especially with this dressing. Oh what a shame to go back to bog standard dishes for mealtime. No writhing maggot dishes just plain old rice, or wiggly worm colonies, simply noodles instead. Ho hum.



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