Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Crafty DIY : Larder Makeover

Ok, this may be a bit of a goofy post, but our kitchen larder (or is it a pantry?) was in desperate need of a makeover. Things were getting out of hand. My recipe books and files were taking up most of the room at the back, food was just getting wedged in any old gap, if you were lucky, and I always had to be available if the other half was cooking because he didn’t stand a chance of finding that elusive bottle of soya sauce on his own. It was turning into a mind map that only I could navigate. So I felt a larder restyle was in order.
Hugely inspired by this stunning kitchen cupboard, one quiet afternoon I emptied all the shelves onto the kitchen surfaces which was met with disapproving looks from the other half upon his arrival home. The next part was pretty grimy as I tugged up sticky and soiled floral wallpaper shelf lining revealing bare wood underneath (hurray, something easy to paint on).


Then I painted the walls with grey emulsion and the shelves and door with white gloss. I actually left everything to dry for a week to be thorough and avoid smells and tacky patches. In the meantime, I organised our larder contents into boxes, baskets, tins and jars, all of which I had around the house. That long, small shelf with the tins? Well that’s an old red CD rack with the holders ripped out and repainted, turned on its side and fitted with various clean tins I found in the recycling bin.

The herbs hamper once housed an exciting dinner at a race event. That homemade egg basket was a gift. The glass jars were either Asda specials or charity shop finds. All the baskets have been collected over the years from car boots and jumble sales. I stored all the obvious things at the front and moved all of the tins and bulky items to the back where they are still accessible but not on display spoiling the uncluttered feel. I found a new home for the recipe books and now they're easy to get at too - bonus!
The inside of the door had been used for photos which were getting a little gnarled at the edges, so I framed my two favourite pictures from when we first moved in and added hooks for a small set of drawers (for food colouring and stock cubes) and my favourite chopping board and recipe book holder. Next was the fun job of eventually piling it all back in again, it was like a great big jigsaw puzzle to figure out. I labelled everything on display with printed card labels attached with either sticky tabs (to the baskets) or spray glue (for the tins). They will probably one day get laminated to avoid them looking tatty.
This makeover has worked a treat, a TREAT I tell you. I am no longer frightened to venture inside and the other day I walked through the kitchen, arms laden with washing. The other half was cooking. He turns and opens the larder door as I hold my breath and freeze on the spot. He retrieves what he wanted, closes the door and resumes cooking. Cue little dance before I drop the wash load into the machine. A glorious moment and with that I poured myself a little glass of wine to celebrate. Oh, it’s the little things in life J


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