Thursday, 25 October 2012

Crafty DIY : Vomiting Pumpkin

Gross? Yup. Disgusting? Definitely. Pumpkin involved? Absolutely. These are the tell-tale signs that Halloween is fast approaching. No party for us this year (shocking I know), however we are trying to cram in a few spooky moments so that we don't miss out. Obviously I had to decorate regardless of a party or not. The hallway has turned into a spider infested tunnel with creepy black legs dangling all over the blinkin' place. I recently turned up at work oblivious to half the hallway's cobwebs attached to my back, sticky little suckers - I simply told me colleagues as they pointed it out that I was going for the seasonal look.

Adding to the theme, I knocked this up in a matter of minutes, vomit inducing in itself as well as the title. I was very pleased when the other half stifled a small gag as I presented him with this pumpkin. The only time of year I am happy with that reaction over my culinary skills. Over time, my pumpkin carving has increased in speed, but this was too easy. Slice the top off, scoop out his innards and simply cut straight lines for your squinting eyes and take your time cutting out an oval for a mouth. Next add your delicious dip. I spooned in some roasted onion houmous spewing out of his mouth - the chunky bits added beautifully to the vomit illusion. We served this as an appetizer (aptly named, no?) which after the initial groans of disgust, went down rather well.

Happy birthday matey, by the way!

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