Friday, 26 October 2012

Crafty DIY : Host a Halloween Dinner

Recently we said goodbye to a couple of our beloved friends as they set off on a new adventure on the other side of the planet, lucky pair. Seeing as fancy dress has been a theme throughout our relationship, what better way to see them off than dressed as a skeleton and a massacred builder. They obliged by dressing as Edward Scissorhands and the creepy girl from The Ring (AWESOME homemade costumes - top marks folks). So it only seemed natural to bring Halloween forward and host an intimate spooktastic meal complete with mutilated fingers and pumpkin vomit.

The table was dressed with an old black tablecloth, we hung skeletons and spiders all around the room and draped a rubber snake around a candelabra. The room was lit only by fairy lights and masses of candles setting the mood and I printed out a simple menu for the table, giving a sneaky little preview into the delights planned for the evening meal. WARNING - look away now if you are easily offended, in particular by the word gonads. Ooops. Too late.



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