Monday, 8 October 2012

Been a While...

Sorry it's been quiet round here for a while, things have been pretty hectic recently. But you know when you get caught up in things and just muddle through, just trying to keep your head above water? Yeah, well, that sucks. And every now and then, the world stops and you catch your breath and things fall into perspective for just a moment. Well, this was one of those moments.

We're walking along in town, my head is used to a heavy workload 24/7 at the moment so even on the weekend it's still active in the most tedious way. Here's a snippet from my brain - where's my wallet, is that excessively hairy man over there considering swiping said wallet, oh no, I've made it obvious where my wallet is, what shall we have for dinner, if only we could afford take out, is that person over there wearing a Christmas hat in September, brilliant, shall I walk over there and show her that I'm wearing my Christmas socks right now, where did I put all the Christmas decorations when we moved, wait Halloween first, what disgustingly spooky meal could we have on Halloween, could crushed pink blancmange work as Hacked Out Brains, did I feed the rabbit before we left the house?

And then we notice a squirrel sitting right there, just right there on the bench, like a metre away from us. Clearly he doesn't give a monkies that we're now just standing and gawping at him. He's found a chocolate muffin case and he's not going to bother dropping it just to get away from us gawpers. It was so cool and all I thought about for the next hour was 'hey, there was a squirrel right there!' I named him Alfred.

On a similar nature note, we now have a baby hedgehog in the family. His name is Reginald and he's taken over the old rabbit hutch, complete with sloping ramp so he can easily get out to the garden to stock up for his big sleep. He's such a spikey ball of awesomeness, I will try to get a sneaky picture when he next ventures out.

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