Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Recipe : Halloween Graveyard Dirt

Need a quick Halloween pudding? You thought the mutilated finger biscuits were easy? It gets easier. Grab some chocolate cake, any old cake. Several if you like. We often freeze cake leftovers, these will do. Mash it all up in a bowl. Squirt chocolate sauce all over (we use the ones for ice cream). Mash it up a little more. Stick some plastic skeleton parts in strategic places (these ones were 50p from Asda) and voila, you have yourself a quick Halloween dessert aptly named Graveyard Dirt. By far, the most popular spooky pudding we have ever served, it was literally inhaled.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Recipe : Creepy Halloween Fingers

Oh, the joys of baking disgusting things. Not the taste you understand, these almond finger biscuits are yummy scrummy. And, incidentally, go very well with a cup of tea. No, I mean disgusting to look at so that you have to work up the courage to take a mouthful. Halloween - whoop! These are so simple and the other half did an amazing job with the bloody ends. We served them under a glass dome, which gave our dining room the feel of a mad scientists pad.

If you're making these for a party, you can make them in advance as they keep for a while, just remember to pop them in an airtight container or even an old converted sweet tin works. You could even serve them poking out from under a clean napkin, so that when guests pull the fingers out, they get a nasty surprise. Nasty.



Friday, 26 October 2012

Crafty DIY : Host a Halloween Dinner

Recently we said goodbye to a couple of our beloved friends as they set off on a new adventure on the other side of the planet, lucky pair. Seeing as fancy dress has been a theme throughout our relationship, what better way to see them off than dressed as a skeleton and a massacred builder. They obliged by dressing as Edward Scissorhands and the creepy girl from The Ring (AWESOME homemade costumes - top marks folks). So it only seemed natural to bring Halloween forward and host an intimate spooktastic meal complete with mutilated fingers and pumpkin vomit.

The table was dressed with an old black tablecloth, we hung skeletons and spiders all around the room and draped a rubber snake around a candelabra. The room was lit only by fairy lights and masses of candles setting the mood and I printed out a simple menu for the table, giving a sneaky little preview into the delights planned for the evening meal. WARNING - look away now if you are easily offended, in particular by the word gonads. Ooops. Too late.



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Crafty DIY : Vomiting Pumpkin

Gross? Yup. Disgusting? Definitely. Pumpkin involved? Absolutely. These are the tell-tale signs that Halloween is fast approaching. No party for us this year (shocking I know), however we are trying to cram in a few spooky moments so that we don't miss out. Obviously I had to decorate regardless of a party or not. The hallway has turned into a spider infested tunnel with creepy black legs dangling all over the blinkin' place. I recently turned up at work oblivious to half the hallway's cobwebs attached to my back, sticky little suckers - I simply told me colleagues as they pointed it out that I was going for the seasonal look.

Adding to the theme, I knocked this up in a matter of minutes, vomit inducing in itself as well as the title. I was very pleased when the other half stifled a small gag as I presented him with this pumpkin. The only time of year I am happy with that reaction over my culinary skills. Over time, my pumpkin carving has increased in speed, but this was too easy. Slice the top off, scoop out his innards and simply cut straight lines for your squinting eyes and take your time cutting out an oval for a mouth. Next add your delicious dip. I spooned in some roasted onion houmous spewing out of his mouth - the chunky bits added beautifully to the vomit illusion. We served this as an appetizer (aptly named, no?) which after the initial groans of disgust, went down rather well.

Happy birthday matey, by the way!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

What a Mess

Hullo folks, just a quick pit stop to post a little look at our home right now. We are in full swing with making things for the wedding, every spare minute stolen to cut bunting, stuff cushions, stamp paper, cut invites. The dining room looks like this most days, but it's thrilling to see things as come together, am so excited about the wedding. Eeeek! More crafts coming soon...


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Just Cruisin' the Thames

Recently we were treated, as part of my 30th birthday present, to a trip up the Thames on the Waverley - the last seagoing Paddle Steamer in the World. Other than losing the feeling in the tip of my nose and fingers, it was a marvellous day out with the other half and his adventure seeking folks. We spent most of the day outside in the elements with intermissions to the engine room every now and then to warm up in the gorgeously dry heat (feeling inspired, plans are in place to build our own sauna one day - another shed project maybe?).

But it was all worth it because from the moment we boarded, there was so much to look at, even more so as we approached central London, when the speed of looking this way and that vastly increased, to the extent that we all started feeling like whiplash was setting in. The city skyline views really came alive as the sun retreated and the many lights started to litter the river as we ventured on to our destination - Tower Bridge (which was raised especially for us, what a moment!). We would all highly recommend this for a day out, a real treat - thanks so much folks, a real gem of a day to remember!








Monday, 8 October 2012

Been a While...

Sorry it's been quiet round here for a while, things have been pretty hectic recently. But you know when you get caught up in things and just muddle through, just trying to keep your head above water? Yeah, well, that sucks. And every now and then, the world stops and you catch your breath and things fall into perspective for just a moment. Well, this was one of those moments.

We're walking along in town, my head is used to a heavy workload 24/7 at the moment so even on the weekend it's still active in the most tedious way. Here's a snippet from my brain - where's my wallet, is that excessively hairy man over there considering swiping said wallet, oh no, I've made it obvious where my wallet is, what shall we have for dinner, if only we could afford take out, is that person over there wearing a Christmas hat in September, brilliant, shall I walk over there and show her that I'm wearing my Christmas socks right now, where did I put all the Christmas decorations when we moved, wait Halloween first, what disgustingly spooky meal could we have on Halloween, could crushed pink blancmange work as Hacked Out Brains, did I feed the rabbit before we left the house?

And then we notice a squirrel sitting right there, just right there on the bench, like a metre away from us. Clearly he doesn't give a monkies that we're now just standing and gawping at him. He's found a chocolate muffin case and he's not going to bother dropping it just to get away from us gawpers. It was so cool and all I thought about for the next hour was 'hey, there was a squirrel right there!' I named him Alfred.

On a similar nature note, we now have a baby hedgehog in the family. His name is Reginald and he's taken over the old rabbit hutch, complete with sloping ramp so he can easily get out to the garden to stock up for his big sleep. He's such a spikey ball of awesomeness, I will try to get a sneaky picture when he next ventures out.