Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Crafty DIY : Tea & Coffee Caddies

Want to make a chocoholic happy? Make some storage caddies. Asda sell some rather tasty chocolate wafers for 99p which come in a rather nice tin. When the other half had finished inhaling the contents, I didn't want to throw the tin away and thought I might make a tea and coffee caddy instead, but that meant I needed another one. The other half thought Christmas was already upon us as I encouraged him to finish the contents so that I could have the tin. Not much encouragement was needed really, I'm fairly certain I hadn't finished my sentence and the tin was empty.

I started by washing them out, although, fair play, he even polished off the crumbs. I then painted the tins with three light layers of white spray paint. I cut out the stencils from plain A4 paper as I needed it to be thin enough to wrap around the tin, using a little repositionable spray glue to hold it in place. I then spray painted the TEA and COFFEE stencils onto each tin with silver paint and voila, nice new drinks caddies for free.

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