Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crafty DIY : Easy Stencilled Sign

Jibber jabbing ends all wars. Jibber jabbing can bring peace to all play fights. By jibber jabbers I mean that pointy elbow to the rib cage or the sly, but quick prod to the throat. Gently of course. It's my only defence being only 5'5". The way of the jibber jabbers has helped me win many an attack. This is why I am always so bruised. Thirty years old and I cannot give up play fighting. And to celebrate, I made my beloved other half a warning sign as a gift.

I recently found a good technique over here for stencilling without cutting out the stencils and it has made my life a great deal easier. I found a beaten up plank of wood which was ready for the tip, but instead I saw it's potential and so cleaned it up, gave it a white wash of paint and then came the magic. I laid the printed stencils on top of the wood and with a ballpoint pen, drew around the letters. The pressure on the pen leaves behind a dent in the wood which produces a natural barrier, so as you paint between the lines, it will not run over the dent. Wonderful trick.

I then drilled two large holes each end and threaded through a length of old rope to hang it by. This literally cost me nothing and the other half seemed pretty happy with the outcome. Other than the jibber jabbing that occurred right after the gift giving...

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