Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recipe : Salmon & Seaweed Sushi

I'm ashamed to say I made sushi for the first time ever without my Japanese friend, who is probably reading this shouting at her screen 'What are you doing?!' But I found all the ingredients in the supermarket and thought, well that might be a bit of fun to make on our weekend away in the caravan. And it was! It's very easy and I love making meals you get to play with and this was certainly one of those.

They turned out a little wobbly the first few times, but it gets easier. I'm sure there are lots of better ways to prepare sushi, but this worked for me. I made mine rather large, so we were pretty full rather early on. We were staying on a rather dubious campsite at the time, getting ready for a wedding so as the neighbours glanced over to see us making sushi in our finery, we cheerfully waved and took the sushi prep indoors. One did not want to come back to one's upturned caravan with the chandelier ripped out.


  1. Ah-ha! Looks gorgeous! Well done!! Was it 'Yutaka' brand (which now you can find at ASDA..)?? You can put anything in the middle and so much fun! Well, we have to do 'Sushi party' together!
    Look forward to seeing you very soon.x

  2. Quite honestly, by what I've tasted of yours and your mum's, you two should definitely set up your own brand! Bring on craft night - got lots to make and sewing machine is getting a little bit of love, so should be able to rock and roll soon :)


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