Thursday, 2 August 2012

Recipe : Quinoa Pizza Bites

Have you discovered quinoa yet? Its pronounced kin-wah and we discovered it on our detox as a low fat and gluten free alternative to rice and pasta. It’s particularly good mixed with mint sauce and a fried onion and shredded chicken. But today we look at quinoa’s playful side.

As I trawled the interweb for new and exciting ways to use these little cheeky little seeds, I found this recipe over here which turned out to be a lovely surprise as the other half loves pizza and I love healthier alternatives that are less stodgy. These little quinoa bites turned out brilliantly, very, very tasty on their own  or dipped in the tomato sauce. When asked for his opinion, the other half replied ‘they’re damn good, but as far as tricking me into thinking they’re pizza, you should know better than that.’ Fairplay.



  1. Just delicious! I’ve recently discovered quinoa and I love it and its so simple!

  2. Absolutely, how did we survive this long without it?!


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