Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Living it up on the Orient Express

I'm sure most of you are aware by now that the other half is a bit of a train goof. He didn't stand a chance really, what with train spotters for a father and a grandfather, it was pretty inevitable. So for an early wedding present we were both very, very lucky and treated to a wonderfully lavish day on the Orient Express to York and back. What. A. Day.

My goodness me, what an experience, you truly are treated like royalty from the second you arrive. The whole team are friendly and welcoming, and although the experience has an emphasis on posh, it's all very relaxed and fun. The posh side of it covers tea from fine porcelain, caviar for breakfast, champagne for your trip home and the complete silver service to boot.

We stopped in York for a few hours and managed to squeeze in a tour of York Minster, which has the largest collection of original stained glass in Europe, most of it dating back to the 1300's. The Shambles are worth a look too if you get the chance - beautiful old buildings overhanging the streets, adorning your path with bucketfuls of character. York really is a gorgeous little town to explore and the Orient Express, well, what can I say other than amazing.

The food was mind-blowingly tasty, course after course just kept arriving, the next more beautifully presented than the last. In fact I let my true colours shine through by asking for a doggie bag for my last two courses as I had already discretely unzipped my dress hours previously to accomodate a little more space. I'm pleased to say I provided a little light entertainment as I wrapped my leftovers in foil and placed these little parcels of joy into a rather beautiful VSOE bag. Classy.

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