Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Crafty DIY : Simple Pebbles in a Bowl

Naturally energetic and excitable, my favourite pastime often comes as a bit of a surprise - beach combing. I could literally spend hours (and often do) scouring the beaches for a myriad of natural treasures and then taking mini steps back to the car having laden every conceivable bag, pocket and woolly hat available. On my birthday and as our first activity together as an engaged couple (alright, quit your puking), we went beach combing in Cornwall. I usually weigh the car down with the most amazing slabs of slate destined for the garden, but this time we explored virgin territory and found a cove which was littered with stunning pebbles broken with white lines.

They obviously came home with us and have been used for a number of displays, this one however is as simple as it gets - dropped in a wooden bowl. It can't help but look stylish and funky. The larger pebbles are also brilliant for weighing down napkins too. Cor, might just have to head to the beach again soon, I can feel a shell project coming on or maybe a driftwood mirror...we'll see.

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