Thursday, 16 August 2012

Crafty DIY : Outdoor Cinema

We’ve had an interesting month. It started off with our energy supplier mistaking us for small fission factory. They sent us a bill for a rather extortionate amount of money on top of our monthly contributions. So instead of re-mortgaging the house, we decided to shut down the science lab in the basement and live quietly for the next few months instead. Which has been rather fun. We’ve had to get creative with what’s left in the freezer and most of our summer plans have been abandoned in favour of finding free things to do instead, which quite honestly is pretty much how we roll anyway. So life actually isn’t that much different except we had a moment when we seriously considered hooking the bike up to the fuse box. Turns out pedal power provides diddly squat in the grand scheme of things. Don’t try that at home.

So anyway, with a weekend planned at home in the garden and enjoying the warm evenings, I surprised the other half by rigging up an outdoor cinema – except I needed him to drill a hole, so had to tell him my plan before the grand unveiling. I saw this stunning picture a while back and thought well, we have everything to hand, let’s do this. We dragged our garden sofa over, whipped the sheet off the spare bed and hung it with screws, weighted down with stones, lit a few hurricane lamps, borrowed the projector from work and rigged it up to the laptop. Throw in some popcorn and strawberry milkshakes and you’re onto a winner.

This took minutes to set up and it is soooo worth it. Cinema in your back garden? Awesome. It is a totally different experience. There’s no mobile phones, no nattering, no loud eaters, there are stars, cosy blankets (well, that’s not new, I always take a blankie with me to the cinema), comfy cushions, side tables and if you’re very lucky the occasional bat or disillusioned moth flies by. Cat and rabbit snuggling in are optional. The only drawback is the occasional nearby bark and you have to be careful when choosing what to watch.

We were recommended Confetti (thanks for that Shell) seeing as we’re getting married. I thought a nice British romantic comedy would be fine, as in no loud explosions to make the neighbours think we’re under attack. I fear that Confetti was much, much worse than any action adventure I could have picked instead. The Brits can be quite reserved, so we were not expecting full frontal nudity. Nor were we expecting to see a variety of jiggly bits quite that often throughout the hour and a half either.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hilarious, but if you just happened to close your bedroom window or lean out to admire the bats, you would be mistaken for thinking that you’re neighbours had rather questionable taste in viewing pleasure. They probably saw the candles, the blankets and the 3 foot jiggly bits and thought we were up to something else. I didn’t relax during this film as I half expected the coppers to turn up. So much for innocent wedding related comedies. I think we'll stick to explosions next time.


  1. You. Are. Welcome. ;)
    And it's good to keep the neighbours on their toes - don't want them thinking they have you sussed. x

  2. By on their toes, do you mean peering out the window? Maybe we put a smile on the old ladies' faces :)

  3. hi, what projector have you used? ;)

  4. It's an Epsom EMP-50 - quite old in techno terms, but she still has life left in her!


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