Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crafty DIY : Glass Bowl Display Ideas

Many thrilling charity shop adventures have left me with a few glass fish bowls and containers, so I thought I would post some ideas of what you can use them for if you find yourself drawn to these sorts of glass goodies too. Our household is supposed to work on a one in, one out policy, but quite frankly, I very rarely throw anything away and if it's past it's use by date, I usually turn it into something else. So instead I have become sneaky with where I hide my acquisitions when they're not in use - thank goodness for our massive attic.

I shall sort these in order of most difficult - first up, a simple succulent terranium. Take a glass bowl, give it a clean, drop some gravel in the bottom (mine was stolen from the back garden), make a well, pop in your chosen succulent plant (also stolen from the garden), tidy up your gravel, make a cup of tea. Water sporadically and you have rather a nice centrepiece. Perfect as a gift too.

Right then, the next one, a giant hurricane lamp. But only if you can handle another tough step by step. Take a glass bowl, give it a clean, drop in some sand (decorative sand is great, play sand is fine too), wedge in a church candle, make a cup of tea.

And lastly, a simple vase. Take a glass bowl, give it a clean, pour in a little water, drop in your favourite bloom, celebrate your triumph this time with a glass of wine, hell, you deserve it. Good work.

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