Thursday, 30 August 2012

Crafty DIY : Coffee Stencil

Like a child, I love it when the coffee arrives with a stencilled design on the top in cocoa. The excitement is close to the moment a sparkler takes the flame. So I thought I would create a little magic and a stencil for home and quite honestly, when I get a moment I'm going to be making a few more designs too. Messy, but fun.

As a self-confessed laminatoraholic, I laminated a sketch of some leaves and then placed a mug over the stencil design and marked a circle around the outside to cut out (so that the stencil sits firmly over the mug without falling in). Then I set to work, cutting out the leaf design with a craft knife.

To spruce up your frothy coffee, place the round stencil on top of your mug (the design is much clearer if the froth is right up to the edge of the mug - learnt that the hard way, still love it though). Gently sprinkle a little cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles, remove the stencil and wow your guests after dinner time.

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