Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Little Garden Inspiration

We recently spent a weekend in Arundel, one of my most favourite places and a familiar old haunt. It was one of those days when the weather forecast was spot on with its predicted heavy showers. Let's all agree that these days the weatherman is rarely looking out the window when he makes his predictions, so in the UK this is not an authoritative figure to pay any attention to. So we risked it and set out on our seven mile hike. However this day, he was right.

We enjoyed it for a while, the refreshing sploshes on our warm faces, that lovely summer rain scent, the fun flowing paths created as it became heavier, the beautiful spot we found under bright new beech leaves. And then our shelter broke and the rain started to come through. Drop. By. Drop. There are only so many times you can play I Spy trying to take your mind off that trickle down your back. So we eventually decided to just go for it and walked back in the rain, having a go at sheep herding along the way. Don't ask.

Luckily we had the last of our Tesco clubcard vouchers (say what you will, but thank goodness for Tesco, otherwise we would never eat out) and headed into town to the local Prezzo. They shook their heads saying they were full up even though there were many spare tables calling us over. Fairplay, we realise that sopping wet hobos in walking boots aren't exactly their target market audience, but we begged and they graciously let us sit outside, away from the paying punters who took the liberty to dress up for a night out.

It turned out to be pretty awesome as we were the only fruit cakes happy to be outside and risk the weather. We had the place to ourselves and although the poor waitress had a bit of a trek to get to us, we were well looked after and that bottle of wine went down very well. That salad was pretty darn tasty too! We took a few snaps as the garden was really well designed (check out those cool privacy screens) and could certainly work on a smaller level outside our bar in the garden. Is there a new project on the horizon? I hope so :)

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