Friday, 15 June 2012

Recipe : Rosemary Focaccia

Having never tried focaccia before, I have no idea what it should taste like, but having seen them in the shops and lots of recipes here, there and everywhere, I thought I would try my own. So keep in mind I have nothing to compare it to, I thought it was pretty darn tasty, a very nice change from French bread with our salad. It also received a big thumbs up from those that have tried focaccia, so this recipe seems to be a winner. As well as a work out with the 500 kneads!

I did originally try this recipe using gluten free flour and am only telling you for comedy value, because it did not work out well. In fact it was very flat. And heavy. I served it at a buffet party and renamed it flat bread given the obvious. Even then, nobody was prepared to venture to the corner and break a bit off so I sent in the pros – the other half and his loyal cousin. They seemed quite happy to oblige my persuasive ‘go on, try the flatbread *snigger, snigger*’, but their reaction really needed slow motion to capture the good bits.

They eagerly picked up a slice each, both realising simultaneously that the bread was in fact stone like, you could see the regret immediately cross their faces, but they quickly reclaimed a polite dignity as they engaged their biceps to lift the bread to their paper plate. And then came the false smile as they scurried off giving each other that little look that says ‘what have we done?’ The moral here - avoid gluten free for this focaccia bread unless you have a video camera to hand and some willing participants in your experiment.

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