Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Proposal - Part 1

So it was the last day of being in my twenties. To many this is a solemn day, but to me it was rather thrilling. I had a tingling anticipation that left me feeling really excited about this new chapter that started the very next day. Thanks to our lovely bunch of friends we started our celebratory Great Big Southern Adventure (travelling around the South coast of the UK armed with a tent and several bottles of wine) with the remnants of a two day hangover, so a lengthy cruise up the M4 to Bristol was just what my rehabilitating body needed. As it turned out, most of the wine came back with us as we couldn’t face it after drinking over rather a large number of consecutive days.

As part of this birthday treat, we accomplished a long term dream of mine - going camping in my little two seater car. So if you can imagine three hours of being rammed next to a kettle, sleeping bags and a bbq, we were rather excited about arriving at our first destination, kicking off our Adventure with a night in a fancy hotel in Bristol. Except after the initial jovial leg stretching and pent up play fighting, we left the car only to discover that the rain was very much just getting started.

However, like true patriotic Brits, we didn’t let it scupper our plans and we spent the day mooching, exploring and eating and then more eating with a rather nice meal out in the evening. As we sat for hours chatting and laughing and ordering way too many olives, no wait, maybe not enough, I remember thinking ‘Cor, aren’t we lucky that after all these years we still have so much to chat and laugh about’. The weather seemed to suggest that my mood should be more melancholy at losing my youth and embarking upon a new era of pre-wrinkle moisturisers and elongated hangovers, however I went to sleep that night wondering what my thirties might have in store for me…

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