Monday, 4 June 2012

My Little Peony

Hullo folks, hope everyone is enjoying the jubilee weekend. In true British style, I will moan a tad about the dismal weather - what a dreadful state of affairs!  If the Queen can stand shivering for four hours in the drizzle and wind though, fair play to her, it sets a precedent. So we shall soldier on. Actually we totally chickened out and watched it on TV at a friends.

But here is a little bit of cheer to light up the cold, grey skies. Thanks Barb & Roy for this lovely bloom, it was great seeing you guys the other day. This little beauty has been making me smile all week, so I'm on the look out for one for the garden! Who knows, it may even drive me to brave the weather and check out the local nursery in the driving rain tomorrow...

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