Friday, 8 June 2012

Crafty DIY : Wooden Trolley

I made a trolley. This may sound weird, but let me explain myself. If we head off to the park one evening, why not take the camping chairs and a bottle of wine with a few nibbles to enjoy the sunset after a quick game of cricket, but that’s a lot of stuff to carry. Enter the trolley. Easy peasy. And if like me you have leftover wood just lying around, it will only cost you the wheels, which were about £6 for the lot.

This was actually relatively quick to put together too. Simply cut five pieces of sturdy wood the same length for the sides and two for the front and back. If you use thick wood, you will be able to screw directly into each side to fix them together, if not use four batons at each corner to screw the sides together. Next, secure the base boards to the sides and strengthen with a couple of bits of flat wood underneath and attach your wheels. Drill two holes at the front and thread through your rope and knot it on the ends (a bit of electrical too tape stops it fraying). Like I said - easy peasy. Depending on your wheels, the back ones may wish to go a little doo-lally, meaning it may not steer in a straight line. To remedy this, add a baton on each outside edge of the back wheels (not pictured) so that they are forced to ride in a straight line and follow the direction of the front wheels.

This handy little number is also very useful for bottle bank trips, shopping sprees at local fetes for plants as well as pottering around in the garden – wheelbarrows are so old hat. Can also be used for wheeling out the deserts for al fresco dining or maybe a simple beer trolley for the adults and toy carrier for the kids. Even the cat enjoyed his trip around the garden in it. I didn’t bother trying it out with the rabbit, and only recommend doing so if you wish your edges to be rounded with the subtle gnawed look.

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