Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafty DIY : Waterproof Bunting

Birthday season – whoop whoop! Which means guaranteed rain. But I am very proud to be British and therefore take the weather as it comes. And then moan about it endlessly whilst refusing to go indoors. Given that it ALWAYS rains on my birthday, I decided to make some waterproof bunting because it was masses cheaper than buying it. I chose to use oilcloth as the fabric keeps its shape and is splash proof from the rain. I used 50cm of a roll which cost me £3 and the binding cost me £5, I managed to get about 20 metres worth of bunting so that’s quite a saving.

It did however cost me a little in the emotional stakes as my sewing machine is in desperate need of a service and kept playing around, but if you’re machine is loved and cared for, it should only take you an hour or two to get all this cut out and sewn. Using a template back to back ensures maximum number of bunting flags and I spaced mine at every ten inches (25cm) apart to get as much length as possible.

Simply lay out your fabric, use a template (google bunting template for a variety of sizes to print out) to mark out your flags with a pen and then cut them out. Take your binding and fold it over and pin into place for the first ten inches, then add your first flag, placing the top edge into the fold on the binding. Pin in place and continue pinning the flags every ten inches apart. Once they are all pinned in place, crank up the old sewing machine and straight stitch all along the folded binding, making certain the flags are still safe inside the fold.

Tie a loop each end and hang your bunting wherever you fancy for instant cheer. This is of course single sided, so it works best around the edges of a garden or along walls. For double sided bunting, simply cut out diamonds and fold them over to make triangles or as my Mum suggested, take a permanent marker and colour in the dots behind in a contrasting colour so that they appear to be double sided. Genius.

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