Monday, 25 June 2012

Crafty DIY : Pub Chalkboard Sign

Le Bar Jardin, our latest retreat for small gatherings, was missing a classic pub chalk board out the front to advertise the goodies on offer inside. And being so easy to make, I didn’t even bother looking on ebay and just jumped straight in with my off-cuts. This was made from a thin sheet of MDF which had been kicking around the garage catching spills and stray paint drips. I also used a few thin strips of leftover exterior wood for the frame. I already had the chalkboard paint, so this little baby cost me nothing!

Its another simple job (when isn't it with my level of patience?) which involves cutting the wood to size for four legs and two braces, cutting the MDF to size with a bit for the back to take the hinges. Then its a quick paint job for the actual blackboard and the legs (remember to weather the black surface with chalk after you have finished painting by scraping all over with chalk and then wiping it off with a damp cloth). Assemble everything with small screws and attach the hinges at the top.

Grab your chalk and go crazy. I have yet to invest in a chalkboard pen, so here is another classy example of my appalling handwriting disguised by swirly bits. This also doubles up as something fun for visiting kids to play with, for keeping scores with Mario Kart tournaments and for mass group Pictionary. If you really cannot be bothered to move from the sun whilst enjoying a cold beverage, why not challenge your drinking partner to a non-exertive game of noughts and crosses? A classic at any time of day.

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