Friday, 22 June 2012

Crafty DIY : Garden Shed Bar Conversion

We had a rather nice looking shed left in the garden when we moved in. When I say nice, I mean dry, lined out, no damp and relatively free from arachnids. It seemed silly to make it damp and insect infested with storing our lawn mower and gardening tools in there, what a waste! Instead we did the obvious and turned it into a bar of course. I gave a little glimpse earlier in the year, but here it is in it’s full glory – Le Bar Jardin.

And the best bit about it? It only cost us the paint, mirrors and decking. We already had the bar stools and outdoor furniture and the lights were going spare and the bar is an old decrepit shelf unit with a painted plywood front and the fridges were in the attic and the plants were originally by the front door. It’s like it was meant to be.

We weather proofed the outside with a mocha/grey exterior paint and spruced up the inside with a lick of red, creating a darker, sexier atmosphere. I created the mirror at the back to block off a window so the neighbours cannot see in. We added some old red rugs to the floor and built decking all the way around the shed for a seating area. I made the bar sign from a scrap of old wood and designed a logo in Illustrator and my Dad stencilled the design on.


And the verdict? We love it! What a wonderful retreat! And friends, although baffled we’re inviting them out to the shed, are amazed at how funky and cosy this little intimate swanky wine bar actually is. Views of the garden, warmth from the chilly winds, a welcome break from gardening, wine on tap. What more could you ask for?

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