Monday, 11 June 2012

Craft DIY : Heart Sugar Cubes

I have seen these just about everywhere on the inspirational outlet that is blogland. They are so easy I had to give it a go. They turned out really well, so I excitedly carried them through to the other half to show them off and proceeded in tripping and throwing them all over the floor in my joy. What a wally. They looked like this before they landed though.

Simply add two or three tablespoons of water to 200g granulated sugar and mix well. Press into an ice cube mould, such as these hearts from Ikea, carefully turn them out onto a dry surface and leave to set. In a couple of hours you will have very pretty personalised sugar cubes. These would be perfect wrapped up in a little cellophane and ribbon and popped into a mug or tea cup as a gift.

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