Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crafty DIY : Sunlounging Spot

There was once a part of our garden that was dappled with sunlight throughout the day but was ruined with water sodden grass where the worms loved to kick up their mud and relished in making a mess of our lawn. So we fought back. It may seem a little drastic, but down went the sand, down went the weed black out stuff and then went the dove grey gravel. And within a couple of hours, the area was transformed into a usable area.

We didn’t stop there though. That’s not our style. We painted the garage white to give it a bit of a face lift and reflect a bit of light, hid the decrepit fence with a super sleek bamboo screen and planted a green Acer tree with a few pots around to make it a little more cosy and add a bit of colour. Throw in a couple of old sun loungers and I do believe you have a rather splendid place to put your feet up and enjoy the afternoon sun. Throw in a few lanterns too and you’ve got yourself a rather intimate star gazing spot. Got a damp, dull patch in your garden? Go on, order your pale gravel now – what a revelation!

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