Monday, 23 April 2012

Recipe : Garlic Dough Balls

Homemade garlic dough balls. Where do I begin? Well for starters, I’d like to thank the delectable Pizza Express for their inspiration. Who can resist their dough balls as a starter when visiting? Then, great thanks go out to Lawrence Dallaglio (true, it is quite bizarre that I should be thanking a rugby player, but he the man) for his recipe I found online that formed the basis of this here recipe. These are simply scrumptious and a good fun starter for any meal. Good fun to make, good fun to eat, good for getting the kids involved, good fun, no word of a lie.

These are best served straight from the oven so that the butter mouth wateringly melts (although they are also pretty good the day after with a quick blast of heat, also good to freeze) and they need an hour for the dough to rise, so work back from when  your guests will be ready to settle down. You can make the garlic butter the day before so that the flavours are fully absorbed. These are pretty easy, they will quickly become a simple go-to recipe when you want to impress, but don’t have the time. And did I mention fun? Oh and remember to knead the dough for the magic number - 500 times. A little tip my talented bread guru cousin taught me and it works wonders!

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