Friday, 27 April 2012

Creativity Challenge

I have not drawn or painted a picture in a long time. But I have great plans. Like for example, I have a metre squared frame that periodically gets updated with a new painting inside. This year, I would like to paint meadow flowers to cheer up a spot on the stairs, or a dark, haunting foggy scene to add to the hallway but I have been putting it off because I'm worried it will turn out badly, like it's been so long that my hands won't remember what to do.

But recently, during a craft night, I made myself sit down and draw. Yeah. Not to be melodramatic or anything, but it was a little scary and the first few sketches turned out a little bit crap. But I kept going and soon I was really enjoying myself. The shapes became more identifiable and gave me a little more confidence. My hands slowly remembered how to blend. These nudes didn't exactly turn out to be Degas-esque, but by gum, it was fun creating them from memory. I'm working on the other half to get his kit off and let me do some life sketching next. Like any man needs an excuse.

So if you have been putting something off for a while, here's my advice. Just get on with it. It's much less scary once you start. And you might even get to see a naked man to brighten your day. Hooray!

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