Monday, 26 March 2012

Recipe : Cheese & Bacon Loaf

Oh my goodness. I became so excited about this bread that I couldn't sleep until the other half arrived home and tasted the bread to concur that it was in fact the stuff legends are made of. This bread is off the scale. Tasty doesn't even cover it. The following morning, I did my morning run in record time just so that I could get to the kitchen to eat another slice for my breakfast. No word of a lie, if you like cheese and if you like bacon, this is too good.

The recipe is a mix of two recipes I found ages ago. It works wonders. If the loaf lasts more than 24 hours, you have achieved more than me. Actually, I chopped a few chunky slices and froze them down with my homemade cabbage, broccoli and blue cheese soup. Mmmmmm. Who says work day lunches have to be dull?

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