Monday, 19 March 2012

Crafty DIY : Hidden Office Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is pretty special because it is usually one of those areas that you have no idea what to do with it. The classic cupboard is the obvious choice - useful yet awkward. The teeny tiny bathroom - handy but teeny tiny. The Wendy House - awesome! But without kids you can't really warrant it. Seeing as our hollow stairwell was in the games room, we chose the next best thing - a hidden office (office sounds quite dull though really - play station sounds better, entertainment hub maybe, secret stair centre, anyway...), hidden from sight with a curtain handmade by the other half's very talented mum.

The other half triumphantly cut a piece of leftover kitchen worktop to size and mounted it on the wall with a wooden baton on each side. Populate with all your worldly wonders such as home built pc (too geeky?), Ebay rescue monitors and home-made light feature (LED fairy lights stuffed into a tall jug). Even customise your desktop by taking a photo of colour coordinated wallpaper or fabric and set the image as your desktop background. Cute cat hiding underneath completely optional.

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