Friday, 16 March 2012

Crafty DIY : Fairy Lights Hoop

I know, I know. Another fairy lights DIY. I literally cannot get enough! You may remember my heart light feature here, made from chicken wire and fairy lights. I love it so much (although it is temporarily out of action after the rabbit escaped upstairs and mistook the delicate wires for hay - pesky rabbit) that I wanted to create another shape - this time a circle for our hallway (please try to ignore the textured wallpaper, facing the steamer again is just too much for us right now).

On a recent trip to the supermarket, whilst making my usual stop in the 'outdoor living' aisle, that trusty light bulb made an appearance as I tried out my skills with a child's hula hoop. The hula hooping didn't last quite as long as I had hoped, shattering my flexibility self-delusions, but the hoop came home with me anyway as it was perfect for this project.

The hoop cost £1.99, the fairy lights were from a pound store several Christmas' back (a few bulbs need replacing though!) and the white spray paint was already hanging out at home. First you will need to remove the plug so that the lights are in one long string, instead of a loop. Next wrap the lights around the hula hoop, taping the wire securely as you go. Then simply spray paint the whole thing whatever colour you fancy (remember to put little tabs of sticky tape over the bulbs before you do and remove them afterwards). Rewire your plug and secure to the wall. I taped and covered the dangling wires in ribbon to throw the rabbit off the scent. So far, so good.

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