Friday, 30 March 2012

Bathroom Makeover

Today my friends, we will learn the delights of tile paint. When we arrived here, pretty much everywhere was green. Especially the bathroom. Although it was meticulously clean, the dismally dark green floor and walls had to go, but we could not afford to retile the entire room, so we thought we would brave the wonderful new world of novelty paint. And I'm pleased to say what a success it was! Two coats later and we now have to wear sunglasses whilst weeing, it's that bright and cheery in here.

We were bound by the inherited bathroom suite as we could not afford a refit, so instead we decided to brighten the room up with complimentary colours. We used bog standard (accidental pun - would you believe it?!) tile paint in white for the walls and rollered it on easily after a simple sugar water wash. But for the floor we chose an industrial floor paint that we found online. After buffing the original glazed ceramic tiles with a sander, we used the roller again and within 24 hours (yes, out came the bucket) it becomes pretty hardy and scratch resistant. We opted for three coats on the floor. Just in case.

The decor is made up of a few items we already had such as the rug and the mirrors, pound shop lanterns and thrifted glassware. I resprayed the mirror cabinets, painted the side of the bath and added our dark grey towels to tie in the floor. The funky curtain was salvaged and cut to size. For the finishing touches, I received a very kind thank you gift in the form of Next vouchers, so I decided to spend it on the waterproof canvasses above the bath to add a little colour to the room and on the new candle holders by the sink to match the mirrors. So if you've been toying with the idea, go for it - it's completely worth using the bucket for one day in your life.

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