Friday, 23 March 2012

All Things Nautical

We were lucky enough to recently win tickets to Chatham's Historic Dockyard, a true gem of Medway. With a gated entrance and heavy security, this is the only part of Chatham that you can feel comfortable knowing that your wallet should still be with you when you leave. Only joshing. This riverside spot boasts three war ships (including a mean looking Destroyer and a cramped little sub for you to explore) and is set in beautiful historical grounds which are very popular for film sets. If you visit you might be able to recognise a few scenes from the new Sherlock Holmes flicks.

It's well worth stopping by (the pass lasts all year) if you enjoy your history, or your vehicles or simply clambering over things. Word of advice though get there early - we were first in and last out and still missed bits. Oh and the first and last photo... Cylon resurrection ship anyone? It was awesome - most people walk right on by Slip 3 thinking it doesn't look much, but this is definitely worthy of a thermos break to take it all in.

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