Monday, 20 February 2012

Sun Room with a Splash of Red

Good morning folks, here’s another peek at what we have been doing with the house. This room was exciting because it only needed a new lick of white on the walls and all the window frames painting, so we started in here first. After our guests had left, our very first night in this house was spent in this very room taking those stunning green curtains down (which may or may not become bunting one day...) and putting on that virgin coat of paint which began the redecoration marathon that ensued.

The floor had very nice white fake stone tiles which were in pretty good nick, but seeing as this is where we usually eat if we're on our own, a shaggy rug to keep our feet toasty warm was a must. This little number came from ebay for £3. The dining set we already had (another ebay job) which actually took up most of our lounge/diner in the last house. I love this set because it's smaller than your average farmhouse dining table and provides quite an intimate dining experience.


As you all know, I like to get a little creative/messy in my spare time, so the oil cloth cover is a new addition to protect the table top from the odd glue mishap. Shame it won't stop me glueing my fingers together. We haven't found the iron yet to smooth out those creases...we hate ironing, so those creases may not venture far. I can live with that. The seat cushions don't quite fit, but we already owned them and they were the right colour, so this is their new home for now. We added several little lamps which make the room feel snug and cosy in the cold evenings. Luckily, it's a solid roof, so we can use this room all year round.

The windows look out onto the garden from each side of the sunroom and we wanted to make the most of them and so instead of replacing the curtains, we put up a few budget blinds which still allow the light in.  We had quite a few red accessories from the last kitchen, which I'm pleased to say have found a space out here in this cheery room. And the finishing touch...I'm not normally a fan of fake flowers, but I am loving the vibrancy of these tulips which never fail to make me smile when I peer out here in the morning through eyes dusted with sleep. They almost convince me that it's spring already. But then my feet start to become numb because I forgot to put my old gal slippers on and the illusion dissipates as I realise that I can see my own breath in the chill.


Ah, now, the last photo, you will notice that it looks a little naked in the corner. That's ok, as with all nakedness, it won't last long in these temperatures. At the weekend I made us a wooden table, which only took 20 minutes! I measured it exactly to fit this spot so that it can take a lamp and a few candles. Plus we get to store our dwindling wine collection underneath (nice) and hide a litter tray too (not so nice). So I just need to fix up a make shift curtain before I take the photos to show you. Twenty Minute Table - sounds catchy right?

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