Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Recipe : Red Pepper Beef & Tasty Potato Rosti

So we're having one of those days. You know the sort, where everything goes wrong. So you finally make a stand and shout 'this bad day ends now' as though saying the words out loud will immediately stop the bad luck in it's tracks. But then a bird poops on your head and the bad luck continues. Well, here we are having one of those days and we just wanted to cook something quick that evening so that we could eat and get closer to sitting down and finishing our jigsaw (yeah, alright, enough of those comments please - it's an annual thing that gets under your skin, we try to resist it but alas...) The other half's bad day was particularly frustrating and he really fancied something a little exciting for dinner - quick too mind.

So my brain scans the cupboards from memory and like a small birthmark appearing Harry Potter style, the lightning strikes and I decide to create a new dish. Stir fry beef on a massive hash brown, or rosti as they can be known. As soon as I mentioned massive hash brown to the other half, he was cheering before I had even finished my sentence. So here it is. Very tasty might I add, especially with the red pepper and red wine from the beef stir fry. These homemade rostis would be particularly awesome for breakfast I'm sure. And probably lunch. As well as dinner. And so easy too. And quick. I'll stop now.

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